With Google+, The Success Models Aren't Any Different

Google Plus is often met with this mysticism. Many business owners are using Facebook or Twitter and even doing well with the networks. However, once the topic of Google Plus is brought up, if they have used it, the conversation often goes one of two ways...

"Hardly anyone seems to use it" or "I just don't get any interaction". They're very interesting statements and a lot of this has to do with Google's own social network being slightly different in how it works.

There's a learning curve of course, as with any platform. With the wealth of information out there, including my PDF "How To Build An Audience On Google+", any business or brand can make use of it.

What's fascinating and something that was brought up in a recent hangout I was in, is that many people who are doing well with other social networks, including social media professionals, aren't following the same principles as with those social networks. You see, making Google Plus work is pretty much the same as making Twitter or Facebook work for you.

The way of getting there and the elements involved are different, but the basics still apply. Those basics are follow active and relevant people, interact with them both on your content and on theirs, publish/share high quality content, be consistent, and don't over-promote.

Sure. There are many more to add, but this is a good starting point.

One of the biggest mistakes is only sharing your latest blog post or whatever it is about you. Or not interacting because there's not a lot going on in your stream. While there is a learning curve, the success models aren't any different. How you would use other social networks, in many cases, is how you should use Google Plus.

So look at your best practices and simply apply those same practices over there. Maybe Google Plus simply isn't the best investment of your time, fine, but if you're truly and honestly wanting to make it work, stop looking at it as this other World and instead part of the same planet.