Why Google+ Is Like Facebook's Older Brother

Google PlusFacebook and Google+ have quite the competition going. Let's not forget Twitter too, but they've been very quiet and not so reactive like the Zuck.

"We have hangouts which are group video chats."

"We have it so you can hang, errr, have a video chat with one person."

"We're not allowing business profiles."

"We have pages for business and here's more information on what they're all about."

It's back and forth, as it tends to be in social. Google Plus is becoming quite the older brother though. Facebook isn't liking it so much and this is what he's going through...

The Big Brother Has The Cool Factor

Most kids want to grow up to be like their older brother. He's cool. He's got more responsibility. And often times, he gets more attention. When he does get attention, the younger brother does whatever he can to take it away.

Show Off

The older brother likes to show off his dominance of the other siblings. He always has something that's better or thinks that it's better. Whatever his younger brother has going on, probably isn't that important.

Love/Hate Relationship

They both have things in common, but that doesn't mean they always like each other. Sometimes the older brother wins an argument and sometimes it's the younger brother. If enough people are on either of their sides, one will easily come out the victor. The older brother still loves his him, but wants to kick his ass.

Can't Get No Respect

Despite how good the younger brother is, the older brother tends to get more recognition for his accomplishments. Not that the younger brother never did, it's just the older brother wasn't around at the time. And it's not the older brother's fault that his younger brother has a hard time keeping secrets and giving them away to his supportive friends.

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