How Google+ Has Made Me A Better Writer

Google PlusSince June 29th, I’ve been actively using Google+ on a daily basis. While its not the biggest or most popular social network and more of my audience is elsewhere at the time being, so far, so good.

One trend that’s been noticed is how I’m writing more. With Facebook, not so much. With Twitter, 140 characters helps make you more specific. In many ways, Twitter has helped me become a better writer as well.

Instead of writing 6-8 sentences, I can condense it down to 2-4. Never did write a whole lot on Facebook, but that will likely make sense as to why towards the end of this post.

#1: Not Limited

Like I said, Twitter has helped make me a better writer as well, but to an extent. With the ability to write with complete freedom of space, I’m more likely to write and more likely to write what’s on my mind without having to condense down to LOLspeak.

Facebook’s 420 characters is okay, but often run into problems with that and have to scrap something all together. Speaking of that, have you always wondered why they made it 420 characters? Maybe Zuckerberg wasn’t only drinking at the time...

#2: Tumblr-ish

Can’t say I’m super experienced with using Tumblr, have used it for clients and know my way around it, though Google Plus has that Tumblr feel. Like my buddy Jeff Cryder said, “Google+ is like a hybrid between Twitter and Tumblr”. Couldn’t agree more.

Its very easy to share something and add your 2 cents, something that is a common Tumblr business practice. Again, with Facebook and Twitter, you run into the character limit.

#3: More Interaction

This is different for everyone. It all comes down to how you use the platform to begin with and how you build things. Also comes down to Google Plus having less noise at the time being which is a big factor. With more people starting to use it, we’ll likely see this change in some form.

As much as I focus on quality over sheer numbers, getting interaction in the form of +1’s, shares, and comments, is very encouraging to do more. We should already create good content to begin with, but getting interaction helps keep you moving forward, same as getting comments or retweets on a blog post for example.

"What, if any, benefits do you see from Google+?"

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