How Google Now web integration could be epic

Calling Google Now impressive would be an understatement. Of course, some prefer the word "creepy" in regards to its eerily accurate ability to predict what information you need. When Now was first rumored, then called "Project Majel", the odds seemed to be stacked against Google. Siri had already launched on iOS eight months before Now was officially unveiled at I/O 2012.

While many of us were questioning Google's ability to pull off a similar feature, they pulled it off to much success, even having their iOS app remain in the top 100 free apps. For many months, Now integration on the web was talked about. Finally, on May 15 during the I/O 2013 keynote, news was made official.

With Google expanding well beyond search, the possibilities for Now on the web are (almost) endless. Utilizing a Google Now Chrome extension, users could have a wealth of functionality at the sound of their voice, no matter what tab they're currently in.

I don't know if Google has such an extension planned, but if they did, here is a small list of commands/integration that I think would be pretty epic to see:

Google Play Music

Okay Google, skip song/pause song/shuffle songs/repeat song(s)/listen to playlist [playlist name]/start radio/

Google Voice

Okay Google, call [person's name]/send text to [person's name] [your message]/listen to new voicemail/


Okay Google, compose email to [person's name]/show new email/reply to email with [your message]/

Hangouts (replaces Google Talk)

Okay Google, start hangout [video/chat] with [person or person's names]/read most recent hangout message/send new hangout message to [person or person's name] [your message]

What commands or integration would you like to see, or do you see yourself not using Now at all?

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