How Do We Get Past The Social Media BS?

Social Media TipIt's been a long day and quickly approaching 1AM. My webcam recording software stopped working and can't get it to work event after re-installing. Shoots 1080p HD video, yet can't be used which means writing instead.

But that's not what this post is about. This post is about a far greater issue within the social media realm. As someone who works in the industry and is for hire, there's a lot of stuff to see. Social media related blogs are a dime a dozen. Social media guruexpertninjarockstarjedis are a dime a dozen. Advice, tips, tactics, strategies, fairies, unicorns, glitter, are a dime a dozen.

One thing that's quite abundant is two words: Build relationships. Building relationships are absolutely crucial to your business in general, and are exceptionally important when utilizing social platforms. Most of the time though, it's complete BS.

Relationship building is just one aspect of a social media presence. One can listen to, watch, or read about building relationships all day, how to better create them, and so on.

While focusing on all this talk about relationships and retweeting all these lovey dovey "feel good" blog posts is great, if an actual strategy and plan is not in place, none of it matters. This is specifically true if you're trying to build a brand or business through social.

If there's one piece of advice to sum everything up, it's this: Building relationships is important and crucial on a daily basis. But without all the other pillars, it's only going to get a social media presence so far.

Yes, engage. Yes, interact. Yes, whatever buzz word you prefer, with your audience and customers. Just don't let the lovey dovey side completely consume the side that puts it all together in a nice, concise structure.

"What things are you doing besides engaging?"

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