Fighting Yourself

When we come into this world, we're kicking and screaming. It's quite fitting considering as we get older, we're doing the same thing, just in a different way. Getting through school when there's 9,875 way more fun things to do. Getting a good job and moving up through the ranks. Raising a family, and doing your best to not think about how easy is to warp a child's mind forever.

Through the successes, the relationships, the failures, one factor remains consistent: change. Life is just one big collection of changes. Hopefully when it's time to cash out, you've already received your reward. Not all changes have to be big to make an impact. Taking small steps forward everyday really adds up in the long run.

But, no matter how big or small, most change can be pretty fucking scary. We get caught up in this comfort vortex, content with the moment and the next one after that. We make excuses as to why everything is okay, when in reality it's not. We think up plans, and then when we're finally ready to go to sleep, we get this strange timing of motivation to make shit happen.

But, shit rarely does happen. In a lot of cases, "I can't" is connected with some external factor when the biggest problem is internal. We are our biggest enemy. The self-doubt, the fear, which is often totally irrational. Let's just be honest: we're all terrified of not knowing the outcome before we've even taken the first steps to get there.

But, that terror never subsides. It's always there, hoping you'll just give in. Hoping you'll just take it easy, and relax. The only way to deal with the terror is to move through it, and accept it. Yes, you don't know what's on the other side. Yes, bad shit can and most likely will happen at one point or another.

But, only amazing things can happen if you take a step off the ledge, and just go for it. There is no easy way or secret trick to make change happen, and there sure as hell is no amount of moping around that will make things better.

Sometimes, you just gotta buckle up, and tell the part of your brain full of doubt to shut the fuck up. It won't listen, but at least you took the damn shot.

Photo credit: ModernDope

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