Should Facebook Pages Be Able To Edit Comments?

edit Facebook comments

Facebook finally added the ability to edit your own comments on posts. This has been a highly requested feature for some years now, and Google+ has had it since launch day.

Not all of us have great grammar at times, and sometimes we want to change what we said, not because it was anything wrong, but we worded it in a way that didn't make as much sense, and so on.

Not surprisingly, Facebook page owners can also edit their own comments. Now, this raises a few red flags. Chris at I'm Really Social wrote about something along the same lines.

While we talk about being transparent and authentic, there are plenty of businesses out there who are far from it.

Transparency and authenticity are the last words in their vocabulary. They'll say one thing and completely deny it and mean another. Also, there's often disgruntled employees or unknowledgeable interns who say something they shouldn't.

Thanks to the new ability to edit comments, now a slip up or two or three or four can be covered up. Nowadays, people tend to be quick to the draw and thanks to screenshot programs, can catch idiocy as it happens. However, giving a feature that potentially makes it easier to cover your tracks? That could be a negative to the user experience.

Maybe I'm just talking about nothing. There are plenty of features out there that allow people to exploit for bad. That doesn't mean everyone does. It's just that many individuals and businesses still don't get it.

They don't get that everything is public. They don't get that one angry customer can turn into 1,000. They don't get that one bad interaction can cause a large amount of damage, both financially and image wise.

"What do you think? Should pages have the ability to edit their own comments?"