Everything Will Kill Everything: Why We Shouldn't Choose Sides In Social Media

social mediaQuite the debate has been going on as of late with "Which social network is the best?" and the release of Google+. While it is a great platform and has a massive amount of potential, we're already seeing the riding of the bandwagon.

Facebook sucks, Google+ will kill Facebook, blah blah blah. Opinions are great and social media is great, but what's a bit scary is that everyday users of social networks and business users at that, are choosing sides.

They're already talking about leaving Facebook. Some have even already stopped using it.

Here's the reality of using social media for business: Choosing sides is the dumbest, most idiotic thing you can do. In fact, if you're going to completely abandon Facebook because you "like" what Google+ has to offer, please quit social media now.

It doesn't come down to what you prefer or what you think is best. Social media for business comes down to where your audience is. As we've had this conversation multiple times in the past, if you find the majority of your audience is on Twitter, focus more effort on Twitter. If on Facebook, focus more effort on Facebook.

The reality is, Google+ simply does not have the audience. They have the features and some great unique features at that, but they don't have the audience. 30 Million in a short period of time is impressive (Well, kinda when you consider there's around 200 Million Gmail users), but that still only accounts for a fraction of what is on Facebook and Twitter. Don't forget about Youtube of course.

Don't completely ignore G+, but focus on where it matters most in your business. And if part of your business' focus is in social media, Facebook and Twitter is King.

"How do you feel about this whole thing? Waste of time?"

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