Your dearest a 'thief', as is the one you hate

On June 10, Apple held its yearly WWDC keynote, announcing several refreshed products, and a brand spankin’ new iOS. The updated design in iOS 7 is a rather radical departure from the design of past, taking advantage of a flat UI, and a pastel of colors that would excite Bob Ross. Of course, anytime Apple announces anything, Android fans take to the interwebs, and vice versa.

“Thieves”, “copy”, “steal”, and “horrible” were some of the many choice words. After all, iOS 7 appears to have borrowed design cues from WebOS, HTC’s Sense, photo app Flayvr, and email app Mailbox to name a few, implemented multi-tasking, and quick access to settings, both available on Android for ages.

It doesn’t take a lot of digging to see that Apple picked bits and pieces from others, implementing in their own special way. In the world of tech, “innovation” is a lot like comedy: it’s completely subjective (Tweet this). While some may see iOS 7 as brilliant, others may see it as piss poor.

You see, we need to move beyond this whole “thief” nonsense, and look at tech companies for what they are: all part of the same family. And what does that family do? It borrows, and implements what’s successful, and/or inspiring from the competition. Call it “theft” or “stealing” all you want. Simply put, it’s damn good business sense, and not Google (Android), Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, etc., are exempt.

There are very few, if any truly unique ideas anymore. Innovation has become nothing more than a buzzword used to sell product. Instead of looking at Apple for copying Android or Android copying Apple, look at it for what it is: good ideas that even more people can benefit from.

However, I understand the source of frustration.

Apple has long positioned themselves as the originator of such ideas, and holds patents that most of us know shouldn’t have been approved in the first place. And by holding these patents, they’ve went after competitors like rabid dogs despite implementing their other ideas in future products. But again, other tech companies are not exempt.

This isn’t a one-way street, and it's time to grow up.

Android is awesome to some people, and iOS is awesome to some people. We don’t have to fight over sides, and can co-exist peacefully if people would pull their head out of their ass. Now go say hi to Windows Phone before they get lonely.

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