Every Advertiser Needs To Read This

Ads are a daily part of our reality, and a part that many are choosing to cut out of their lives completely.

According to an August 2015 report, around 200 million people are using ad blockers worldwide, and in 2015 alone, it was expected to cost an outstanding $22 billion in lost ad revenue. Perhaps more worrying, that $22 billion figure is expected to double in 2016.

As a writer and a marketer, it's my duty to know advertising, and to help craft campaigns that convert. When I hear that 200 million people are actively using ad blockers, that companies are estimated to lose over $40 billion in lost ad revenue in 2016, I don't say "Oh shit"...

I say good. I say make it an even $50 billion.

For too long, people have been comfortable. With the exception of a few, they've remained complacent, putting out the bare minimum while expecting the maximum outcome.

There's a reason why so many are using ad blockers: Most ads suck, and they have a serious impact on speed and performance of websites when you toss a few on a page. I have a 2015 MacBook Pro, yet when I go to read an article, it's like my browser is having an aneurysm.

Ad blockers are not the problem. Shitty ads, are.

The other day, I ran into an autoplaying video ad. My reflexes to hit the pause button are that of a cowboy in the Old West, but something stopped me. What was it? An ADHD length soap opera with a hamster eating a bowl of cereal. Amazing.

This is a bad example, but here's the point: Advertising doesn't have to suck. You as the business owner, marketing manager, copywriter, creative lead, producer, director, get to choose.

Will you create more of what the machine has developed a thirst for or will you create something that people WANT to give a shit about it?

Photo credit: Trenten Kelley

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