Disruption And Why It's Great For Social

DisruptionQuick semi-unrelated story before we jump into the video below: Popular comedian Louis CK recently did something quite different from what normally happens in his market.

Instead of teaming up with a big network for his special, Live At The Beacon Theater (NSFW), he financed it entirely out of his own pocket and sold it for only $5 on his website, available to stream and/or download.

Despite making back a good chunk of the $170,000 that everything cost via ticket sales, there was uncertainty as to whether it would pay off and even work. After just 4 days however, it was pretty clear that it was a winning concept.

Louis made around $200,000 profit in just that short period of time, "less than I would have been paid by a large company to simply perform the show and let them sell it to you" he said. Best of all, there's more sales to come.

Louis CK clearly disrupted his market. Disruption is crucial and here's why:

"What company or person do you see disrupting in a good way?"

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