Delivering Happiness Book Review

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Mental note: Make sure a video will actually export before you head to bed. So here I am, minus a 6 minute video.

Anyways, last week I won a signed advanced copy of Delivering Happiness: A Path To Profits, Passion, And Purpose by Tony Hsieh (pronounced shay), the CEO of

Zappos has always been a leader in providing an amazing customer experience and really doing what a lot of other companies do not so great with: Customer service. In fact, it's safe to say that their level of customer service is legendary.

Here you have an ecommerce company that mostly sells shoes and clothing, take care of their customers above and beyond the call of duty. Things like randomly changing someone's order to overnight shipping, sending flowers to those who are grieving, upgrading loyal customers to VIP status, and a whole lot more that's earned them a phenomenal reputation.

And don't be mistaken: Customer service is not a's the whole freakin' company!

What this book does is seemingly gets into the story of Tony, his upbringing, his business ventures, the struggle, him eventually taking a risk with Zappos based on an idea brought forth to him and his friend, and everything they did to get to where they are today, a billion dollar company. I was glued to the book every single page and it was hard for me to actually take a break from it which is one of the reasons I read the whole thing in less than 3 days. That never happens...

It was very cool to also get an inside look into Zappos' culture, one of the most important things in the company and makes them so great, and the core values that they instill into every single employee. They take their culture so seriously that even if someone is fully qualified to do the job and exceeds all expectations, if they're not a fit for the culture, they won't hire them. Pretty interesting.

They also do something that I found to just be WOW at the end of their 4 week training process to weed out those in it just for the money. You can read about that in the culture link above.

Now, I hate to "hype" things up but this was one of the greatest books I've ever read. Maybe it's because I connected with it on so many levels and believe so much in truly helping your customers, or the fact that at it's core, it's about building relationships, something I take uber seriously. This book has also inspired me to do a lot more in my own business and really help customers even more.

What Tony and his associates went through, I haven't even experienced 1/20th of.

The bad news is the book doesn't come out till June 7th, 2010. The good news is that you can win a free, signed copy by subscribing to their mailing list. They're giving away an advanced signed copy every day until the launch (how I won mine) so go ahead and give it a shot.

The main site where you can learn more about the book and see their blog posts is and you can follow the book on Twitter via @dhbook.

By the way, if you're reading this today, Friday, the 9th of April, Tony and friends are putting together what they call "Happy Hour Friday" and will be doing a LIVE show from 5PM-6PM PST. I'll be checking it out and you can learn more about it here. If you can't make it or missed it, no worries, they're doing it every Friday up until the big launch of the book.

"What books are you reading or what's the most recent book you've read?"

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