The Rise Of Crap And How Facebook Is Helping

The year was 2004. As it was called, The Facebook, was an online destination for college kids. Soon, The Facebook branched out to all colleges and universities across the nation. Then, after some changes in 2005 and in 2006, now called "Facebook", opened up to the masses.

Since then, the numbers have skyrocketed. Having just 100 Million users in 2008, far less than Myspace, the amount of Facebook users increased 1000% to now over 1 Billion active users. Over the years, the newsfeed has evolved. Thanks to an algorithm called EdgeRank, it helped to better manage what content was displayed and by whom.

Facebook never has nor ever will give out the details on how exactly it works, but it's very simple: The less someone interacts with your posts, the less they will see your posts in their newsfeed. This has lead to businesses and marketers coming up with new, more innovative ways of getting people to "Like" or "Share" their posts.

Wait. Did I say innovative? Just kidding. Unfortunately, Facebook has created a system that, while is still amazing for reaching a Worldwide audience, has transformed into something to where if you want more people to see your content who "Liked", Subscribed, or friended you in the first place, you must pay for it.

There's many cases where paying to promote a post is a good thing, but this gets us back to posting in the first place. Here's the problem...

Shit Content Is Now King

Pages, in order to reach more of their audience, are resorting to absolutely mindless tactics. "Like this post if you agree", "Share this if you think kittens are cute too!", and so on. How is this in line with your objectives? How does this define your brand? I hate to break it to you, but sharing quote after irrelevant photo, is not going to increase your bottom line and get more people interested in your business and what it is you have to offer.

Now, this isn't all businesses faults. As much as people are begging for likes and shares, this all goes back to Facebook's changes with Edgerank. They've helped facilitate this shit content rising above and beyond the rest. Isn't there a better way though to spread your message and bring better value to your audience than some cheesy image with a quote?

You bet your ass there is. Timeline was introduced to help tell better stories. Yes, it's incredibly easy to resort to begging for people to interact with posts and it makes sense towards increasing activity. However, there's going to come a time when people tune you out. We're already starting to see it happen and certain strategies can only last so long before something else comes along to take over.

Find your story, share better stories, and communicate directly with more people. Many experts will tell you that you need to have a photo with every post and a call to action because, hell, it works. But do you want to be known as the page that shares funny photos or the page that shares amazing content and people actually know what it is you do?

Surely there's a better way at approaching this and while I don't claim to have the answers, there's gotta be smarter people out there than myself that do.