How To Conquer Facebook's Redesigned News Feed

Facebook, like any social network, goes through changes. Sometimes they're good and sometimes they're poorly received. Facebook announced one of its biggest redesigns since Timeline with a brand spanking new News Feed.

The change is pretty drastic and brings such features as better targeting what you want to see, not to mention a bigger emphasis on images. Within hours of the new News Feed being announced, blogs were already pumping out what it means to marketers. There were good points and overall the message is very clear...

Get More Visual Or Suffer

Social media has been shifting to become more visual for several years now. Pinterest really drove that point home considering it's only been around three years, was invite-only until August 2012, and has already caught up with Twitter.

Facebook's News Feed redesign looks great and breathes fresh air into the site. Images and video are far more pronounced and the new targeting options give users greater control over exactly what content they want to see.

But I digress. There's a bigger issue at hand when it comes to marketers making the most of the new News Feed...

Complaints Vs Doing

Ever since Facebook introduced Promoted Posts, marketers have claimed they are there to extort money out of them in order to reach more of their fans. I get it. I understand the logic behind such a claim.

The system is now setup to make more money and it is what it is. However, we need to shut the hell up and either get to work or move elsewhere.

Facebook has over a billion users, the largest of any social network. As long as they continue to have a huge reach, users continue to use the platform (which they are despite claims of deleting their account), and they continue to make more and more money, nothing is going to change.

We can keep complaining about Facebook limiting our reach unless we pay up, but it's not going to get us anywhere.

Here's the reality: To make the most of News Feed or any change for that matter, is actually do something. Don't like this or that about it? Tough. Adapt or invest elsewhere. Facebook has consistently demonstrated their lack of communication. You either adapt or you die. In this instance, you more suffer the loss of building an effective social media presence, but you get the idea.

It all comes down to focusing on delivering great, more visual content. Period. No matter how "corrupt" or "unfair" Facebook's Edgerank algorithm is in delivering your content to your friends and fans, complaints won't fix it.

Getting smarter and working harder will. If you don't do it, somebody else will.