How To Do 'Connect With Facebook' The Right Way

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Very little irks me more than when a website excessively asks me to connect with Facebook. Facebook is great, however, we don't always want to share everything we're reading, doing, or give a site access to our email and other information.

Maybe something just went haywire with the system recently, but Huffington Post went a bit crazy. 3 different times on the same day, got a pop-up saying to connect.

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That immediately led me to tweet something along the lines of not visiting again. Of course, this was out of frustration and not true on my part, though how many others are frustrated with all this social sharing? Since the incident, I haven't ran into the same problem and it seems that HuffPo isn't nearly as bad as others.

Clearly, there's a problem. A lot of websites are doing Facebook connections the wrong way. Here's a few tips on how to do it the right way:

-Don't Make It Intrusive.

This is one of the biggest problems. Sites make it annoying and not something that should be enhancing the experience. Excessive popups and/or notices to connect aren't the way to go. As someone once said, just because the technology is there, doesn't necessarily mean you should be using it.

Obviously, connecting with Facebook is a data goldmine and for news sites it helps boost traffic. While that's great and all, it should be enhancing that person's experience, not hindering it. Make it clear for people to connect if they want, but don't get crazy with it.

Should be looked at like advertising. Too much and too intrusive and people will avoid your site every chance they get.

-Give Some Sort Of Incentive

"Connect with Facebook to let your friends know what you're reading." Sorry bud, but that's not really an incentive. Give people a good reason to do so. Exclusive content, free video, special discount, you get the idea. All it requires is a bit of coding knowledge and you can get it done.

-Allow People To Easily Adjust The Frequency

One of the issues with social sharing apps right now is it's either all or nothing meaning you can't really adjust the frequency that content is shared. Maybe there's not a way to right now, but something tells me that it can be done. No one wants to inundate their friends with a ton of articles they read or music they listened to.

In some cases, people will complain about it and then what happens is that person eventually removes the app completely. There's probably more stuff that I'm forgetting so would love to hear your input.

"What are some more tips to add to this?"

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