What A Simple Cup Of Coffee Reminded Me About Solving Problems

For many, the relationship with coffee goes way back. For myself, it started with my dad and grandparents. Always coming from a big metal can, this magical powder would be ground up and ready to go.

Like bacon, the smell would wake you up. I'd watch as this jet black elixir would transform my dad and grandfather from this grumpy, mumbling mess to this slightly less grumpy, slightly less mumbling mess.

Coffee made it easier to get the job done.

It didn't need to be organic, rainforest blend, or Fair Trade Certified; it just needed to get the job done. And so, I'd pick up the habit. I'd fall in love with the ritual, however, adopting a higher quality taste for the stuff.

But there was one thing I hated about coffee.

Well, it wasn't so much the coffee but the powerful chemical (caffeine) in it. Typically, I'd only drink one cup per day, but shortly after drinking some, I'd get this anxious feeling. I'd ignore it for years, shrugging it off as part of the territory.

Then, a couple weeks ago, I asked Facebook for advice from people who quit coffee and if they found a solid alternative. There were some great responses, and one comment hit me...

"Weaker coffee maybe?"

You see, I like a cup of coffee that punches you in the face. It sounds really stupid, but it never occurred to me to maybe, just maybe tone it back a little bit.

So that's what I did.

I cut the grounds I'd normally use in half, and because I buy some flavorful shit, the coffee still tasted great. Two weeks later, no anxiety from drinking coffee.

Here, I was ready to make a drastic change, albeit fairly small on the spectrum of things, when all I needed to make was a simple tweak.

How many times have you reached a situation in your business or your life where you felt you needed to make a big change?

How many times were you utterly convinced you had to dive in head first and blow things up?

What if you didn't actually have to go that far?

What if you could solve your problem with a few simple tweaks?

It doesn't always have to be difficult.

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