How Circles Create An Exciting Social Media Shift

Google PlusThe traditional model has existed since the beginning of social networks. You post stuff and those connected with you, everyone who is, sees that stuff.

Since the introduction of Google+, we've seen a different model of sharing. A model that while seems confusing at first, is quite exciting once you understand and use it.


They add a new level of sharing and bring up two really good, and extremely quick points.

Better Context

In a traditional model, anyone who is connected with you, as a friend or following, sees all the content that you post. With Circles, you can share content with the people that you have context with regarding that topic. Designers get design, business owners get business content, and so on.

Like Gary Vaynerchuk says in The Thank You Economy, context is the future of social media. People want context and those who create context, can better get their information to others and create better relationships.

Far More Targeted

Pretty self explanatory. While creating better context, information is far more targeted. You can share content with specific groups of people, those who have context. We don't nor have ever seen this level of targeting in social networks.

Targeted information is king. We all know that targeted is crucial, especially when building a website, building an email list, building your social media presence, and so on.

Will be interesting to see how the Circles model develops and see if other social networks implement concepts or ideas similar. How do you feel about Circles? A more effective model or is what already exists just fine?

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