Is Check-In Spam Really The Best Way To Engage Local Customers?

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Foursquare has gained a lot of traction over the years. Social media facilitates the need to let people know what you're doing and location based services help fill that need. While that's all fine and dandy (I do it myself on occasion), there are times when people can overdo it, say checking into every single place they go, their home which is completely idiotic, and more.

Businesses are wanting that definitive edge over their competition and one way they are doing that is by auto-tweeting people who check-in to their locations.

In this video, we dive into what two companies are doing, Dairy Queen and Walgreens, and if it's really the most effective way of going about it.

"If you checked into a location and were auto-tweeted a contest, ad, etc., would you feel it was valuable or more like spam?"

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