Book Review: How FUBU Changed A World Of Fashion, Branding And Lifestyle

Daymond JohnThere's few shows on television that I enjoy more than Shark Tank. Here you've got a rockstar lineup of investors who've made Billions combined in their own niche and fortunately, they got approved for a third season!

One of the investors on the show is Daymond John. Daymond is an incredible guy who's inspiring in every sense of the word. He's the creator and founder of FUBU, the very popular urban clothing line, and owns other brands such as Coogi.

I remember when FUBU first got on the scene and it spread like wildfire. While some say it fell off, it's far from that, generating Billions of dollars to date.

What surprised me to learn about Daymond is that he has two books out in the marketplace. After hearing about it, I got my hands on the Amazon Kindle version of Display Of Power: How FUBU Changed A World Of Fashion, Branding And Lifestyle.

The first word that comes to mind with this book is wow. Daymond starts from the very beginning, growing up, his mother, hardships with his father, the entrepreneurial attitude and ventures, his neighborhood, the culture, etc., and all the way to the idea and inception of FUBU and beyond. Not only that, but everything that him and others had to go through to turn it into a successful company.

I couldn't even imagine going through all the stuff he did and let's not forget about the hustle. I'm a big fan of Gary Vaynerchuk, but Daymond makes him look like an accountant. This guy put everything on the line, took risk after risk, and always pushed forward.

A truly inspiring book and some awesome insights into the world of branding (safe to say he's a definitive expert), business principles, personal principles, and also an interesting look into product placement and the power of the black community.

All in all, this is one of my favorite books. Definitely pick up a copy: Physical or Kindle version.

Lastly, I'd like to share a small story from the book after him and his partners were able to make FUBU incredibly successful. Shows that anyone can achieve when they put their mind, and hustle, into it.

When me and my partners turned 30, we bought each other new rides. Anyway, that was the idea. J actually bought me a boat, because I already had enough cars. I bought him a Bentley. Carl got a Corvette, and Keith got a S500 Mercedes Benz. We never thought we’d make it to 30, so it was something to celebrate, but there was always something to celebrate.

Cars, jewelry, Cristal, over-the-top parties and press junkets … we spent a ton of money we could never get back, but we were having too much fun to regret it. It was all so new, so fresh, so ridiculous, it’s like it wasn’t real. Best example of the ridiculous excess that kicked in before we got used to having money: I went out to the store one day and asked my guys if they wanted me to pick anything up for them.

They of course said yes (they always said yes), except on this trip the store turned out to be a Mercedes Benz dealership—so I ended up buying that S500 for Keith, just so I wouldn’t come home empty-handed. Like I said, ridiculous. Crazy ridiculous, but the money ran straight from our pockets to our heads.

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