The Top 4 Biggest Social Media Excuses

Life can be full of excuses. They allow us to justify not doing something and focus our efforts elsewhere such as watching more Harlem Shake videos. With the explosion of social media, it's become something that is pretty difficult to ignore.

While many businesses have jumped into the deep end to go on to do well, many have also got lost, bored, and dissatisfied. Here are some excuses that might ring a bell...

"I Don't Have Time For Social Media"

Lack of time seems to be the biggest excuse among just about anything. And frankly, it's complete BS. Any business or individual has time for social media. In fact, I bet you could clear up an hour or more per day just by knocking out meaningless activities.

"Social Media Just Isn't For Me"

Neither was the cell phone or computer, but you're using both of them, right? While it may be bold to compare social media to such major technological breakthroughs, the statistics don't lie.

Many who say using social networks isn't for them or their business tend to not have actually done the research.

Unless you're a taxidermist who exclusively stuffs people's dead pets, chances are you can build an audience and connect with customers.

"I Didn't Get Any Results From It"

What effort did you put in? What was your strategy? How long till you gave up? There are many different variables that determine the failure or success. Unfortunately, many look at social media as a sprint when it's actually a marathon. You can't just plug away for a few months and expect amazing results.

Also, you've gotta have the right tactics and strategies put in place. It's easy to say something doesn't work when you have potentially taken the wrong approach.

"It's All Too Confusing"

Your Great Grandparents probably said the same thing when first introduced to the concept of an automobile, but they figured it out. In today's connected world, lack of knowledge is no excuse to getting things done. You can always hire someone to help you or browse hundreds, even thousands of blogs on a specific subject. The only thing holding you back from learning is you yourself.

What are some other excuses that you would add to this?