3 Tips To A Better Customer Experience With Social

So there’s a lot of social media tools and platforms you can use to keep in touch with your customers.

We’re all familiar with the biggest platforms: Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Often times businesses will use social media not just to build relationships, but also, you know, we’re all in this to make money. So you’ve gotten this customer, you’ve had this customer maybe, you’ve made this sale, but how do you go about keeping in touch with them?

You can of course use Twitter and Facebook to interact with people, but there’s some other ways you can better keep in touch with them and give more of an experience.

One of the first things is creating a Facebook group just for your customers. Facebook has upwards of a billion users so chances are your customers are on Facebook.

Going about getting them on the Facebook group isn’t going to be too difficult. Just create a typical Facebook group and make it private. You don’t want to make it public so just anyone can join. And since you have this customer, chances are they’re on an email list so you can simply provide a link to the Facebook group just for them.

There they can interact with other people who’ve bought from you and you can interact directly with them in this nice little private forum.

The second thing and something businesses don’t use very much is Google+ Hangouts. You could have weekly hangouts where you just invite your customers and talk with them on there and have a nice little group video chat. You could even do a Hangout On Air where it would be recorded and broadcasted live where you could have discussions about all different topics.

Now, using Google+ Hangouts may not be a big thing that you want to do because chances are, in a lot of cases, more of your customers may be using Facebook or Twitter.

It’s very easy to figure out if your customers are using Google+. Chances are you use a CRM and what you can do is simply take the data, all the emails of your customers from that CRM, upload the .csv file into Gmail and since Gmail is part of Google and Google+, you can find if your customers are actually using Google+.

The third thing is creating a hashtag on Twitter where customers can send questions and feedback. It’ll create a little bit of a community there. Similar to the Facebook group where you have all your customers talking with each other or you are there talking to your customers, this hashtag gives more of a custom feel.

Instead of customers sending you questions via @ reply which is great, there’s now this hashtag where you can easily see what your customers are saying and communicate with them. You can create a custom tab in Tweetdeck or whatever you use, Hootsuite maybe, where you can follow that hashtag and more easily see what your customers are saying and interact with them.

What ways do you keep in touch with your customers?