Are You Practicing Your GRC's Of Social Media?

<p>Not to get all sidetracked but I hope you're having a fantastic hump day! Alrighty then, <em>onto the show...</em></p>

It's safe to say that 99.9% of you reading this are involved in social media in some way. May be big or even small yet nonetheless, just as important. And the majority of us know by now that social media is not just some fad but becoming an absolute importance in everyday business and customer interaction. Ever since I declared Sunday on my 2010 goals that I will focus solely on social media and consulting within the space, I've been brainstorming (well, somewhat to be honest. I've got ADOS) simpler, and less confusing principles that I can share with future clients and provide them with a less confusing roadmap.

One principle and surely more to come, are GRC's. GRC's are brain dead simple and should be used by every person, company, and mom and pop business out there...




Give: Give out information, free content, etc. that those paying attention to you are interested in and have a use for. Share other, more personal things that will give them a better idea of you and who you are, but focus the most on giving out valuable information. A big lesson learned in life is that in order to recieve you must first give and with any social media presence, giving is the quickest way to becoming more known and/or gaining future and repeat business.

Reciprocate: Reciprocation is yeah, somewhat of a big word. In fact, just a few weeks ago I had to look up the definition of it just to make sure I wasn't thinking of something else. It's all very simple...retweet or share other people's information. This all comes back to giving but it also has a lot to do with the psychology behind sharing other people's content and not just yours all the time.

It's like if you were in a business meeting and some ideas were being thrown around and your partner, who we'll call Bob, said "Jason had a really great idea that I think has some potential..." and so on. No matter what people say or think, we all absolutely love being acknowledged. Even if you don't admit it on the surface, deep down inside you know it.

This doesn't mean just sharing other people's content, ideas, what they say, etc., reciprocation also comes down to validating others, recognizing them for what they do and if they've made a contribution. Like my good friend Michele Price left on my list of people that inspired me in 2009, "Validating others is a pillar in building your success, in life and business."

Connect: Connecting and interacting with others is one of the most lacking parts of many social media efforts and quite frankly, one of the easiest to do. They say content is king and in social media, connection and interaction is queen if not just as important. Send a simple hello, reach out a helping hand, share your thoughts on what they have to say, just connect and interact with people as much as you can, when you can. You can't respond to everybody with the millions of conversations going on at any given time, but you can make a difference with just a few connections here and there.

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