9 Tasty Social Media Recipes To Get Your Hands On


The Internet is flooded with tons of different tools to do with just about anything you can imagine. One tool that's pretty fantastic is IFTTT which stands for "If This Then That".

What does it do? Well, IFTTT has thousands of different "recipes" which are essentially commands such as, "If I post a photo on Instagram, save it in Dropbox" or, "If I share a link on Twitter, post it to Google+" and so on.

There are a ton of different "Channels" to choose recipes from, including the popular social networks, not to mention SMS, weather, RSS, Wordpress, you name it. Unfortunately, a lot of the social recipes I've ran into include a lot of auto-posting the same thing from one place to another. Some may disagree, but it's best to stay away from that kind of stuff and try and contribute unique, original content to each network most of the time.

However, there are some pretty cool recipes which you can get started with right away and not have to worry about being a boring robot individual who's social networking profiles all look exactly the same...

Archive Your Tweets Or Facebook Updates

Even though you've got a strong password and aren't a spammer, there's always a chance that you can potentially lose your account. If this happens and you can't regain access, all that content you posted over the years is gone forever.

Instead of being left in the dark, you can automatically archive that content to say Dropbox (Facebook|Twitter) or Google Drive (Facebook|Twitter).

There's also recipes to save tweets or Facebook updates to Evernote, but you're best using one of the first two since Evernote has a limit of 2MB per diary.

Tweet Starred Google Reader Posts Or Add Them To Buffer

Chances are, you know about or even use Google Reader. All your RSS feed subscriptions have to go somewhere. With this recipe, every time you star a post, it will automatically be posted to Twitter. Alternatively and say you want to schedule the sharing of your favorite blog posts throughout the day, you can use this recipe to add them to Buffer whenever a post is starred.

Add Your Latest Blog Post To Buffer Or Create Bitly Link For New Post

While you could set all of this stuff up yourself, IFTTT helps save time and a couple minutes here and there that can add up to some downtime or watching Gangnam Style, later. I personally use Buffer to space out the sharing of my new posts and this recipe takes care of that for you automatically.

Also, using a URL shortener such as Bitly is very important so you can track how well your new posts are performing. This recipe will generate a new Bitly URL once a post is published and then you can just hop over there to grab it.

Lastly and as a special bonus, you can get an email every time the Mars Curiosity Rover tweets a new image. Why would you want to do that? Well, because SCIENCE!

"Have you experimented with IFTTT? What's your favorite online tool?

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