6 Things You Might Not Have Known About Facebook Pages

Facebook Fan PagesThe new Facebook pages have been out for a while now. We've all gotten to get used to them and hopefully adapted to the changes.

Initially there was a lot of hesitation to the changes as 1) Most people don't like change and 2) They got rid of the up top tabs that we were all too familiar with.

At the end of the day, it was Facebook's goal to streamline the look across both profiles and pages and provide a more, well, streamlined experience. With these changes, there's a few things some may have overlooked and so I've listed 6 different things:

-See Notifications In The Right Sidebar. No Longer Need To Be Logged In As Your Page

This was implemented, oh, wanna say a couple weeks ago, but lost track. You may have seen it and looks something like this:

Facebook Page Notifications

When you get new likes and comments, it will show a number next to notifications. When clicking notifications, it loads up the same way if you click the notification icon for your profile. Much better way to keep track and stay engaged while remaining to use Facebook as you normally would...logged in as your Facebook profile.

-Show Admins Running The Page

Chances are, you've seen the Admins section in the right sidebar while on your Facebook page, followed with an image of you and/or other admins. None of this is displayed publicly, unless you want to which is great for business pages wanting to show who's behind it and give a face to talk to.

To feature an admin or admins, click "Edit Page", "Featured", and then "Add Featured Page Owners". From there, you can select admins that you want displayed publicly. Click save and you're done. Now they will show up at the bottom of the left hand side.

Again, this is great for business pages and allows for a more authentic, human connection with fans.

-Display Your Other Pages Or Those You Like

Some might know this one and that's okay. I think it's a great one to share. For example, I have pages/companies that I like and my favorite charity. You however could use it for that or if you have other pages, show those.

To do this, you'll need to use Facebook as your page and go the pages you want to like and have displayed. Once you've done that, go to "Edit Page", "Featured", and "Add Featured Likes". Similar to what we talked about about showing admins publicly, select the pages you want to be shown and click save.

Now, your other pages or those that you enjoy and like sharing, will show up on the bottom left hand side under "Likes". Note: If you have the admin/s displayed publicly, they'll appear below your likes.

-Rearrange Your Tabs

Like many of us, you probably have some custom tabs setup. One thing that was annoying originally with the new Facebook pages was you couldn't change the order of them. Thankfully, Facebook made that a whole lot easier for us.

On your Facebook page and under the very last tab, you'll see a link that says "Edit". Click that and from there you can rearrange the order of your tabs. Super simple but very important.

-FB.me, The Short URL For Facebook, Works With Pages

Facebook has had access to the fb.me short URL for quite a while now. They bought it from Farm Bureau and as long as Facebook doesn't start selling farming products or services, they get to keep using it (seriously). Does Farmville count? Hmmm.

Anyways, if you have a vanity URL, you can use it as a shortened URL to get to your page. For example, my page is Facebook.com/MikeStengerMedia and would be fb.me/MikeStengerMedia.

Pretty self explanatory and requires no setup.

-Distorted Page Images Don't Have To Be

With the page changes a while back, that also meant the default dimensions for images were changed. It takes a good bit of searching around to find what those dimensions actually are. In fact, I couldn't even find it on Facebook's own FAQ!

The problem with not using the right size image on your Facebook page is it gets distorted and doesn't look nearly as good as it originally did before uploading. Right, the new dimensions. The default dimensions for Facebook page images are 180 by 540.

If your image is/will be shorter than 540, don't worry. Just make sure it's a width of 180 to prevent any unnecessary distortion.

"What's your favorite Facebook page tip?"