5 Tips To Super Charge Your Social Media

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Late the other night, I was randomly working on some tweets to send out called "social media truths". Yes, sometimes I plan out tweets ahead of time believe it or not. Anyways, you'd probably get more value out of them if they were put together in a post and more was written on each. Here they are, enjoy!

- Forget the debate of which is better, Twitter or Facebook? They both rock and you should rock 'em both!

I can't tell you how many times this is asked on a daily basis and also when working with clients. Sometimes it's a really genuine question because they're really not sure and other times it's asked because they want to know, just because they're curious.

How about we get past the "which is better?" argument and focus on the "what can we do and how can we do it?" discussion, when it comes to Twitter AND Facebook?

They both have features and benefits that make them great. Of course each has their cons, but to ignore one and focus on the other, in my opinion, is absolutely idiotic when looking to build your brand or business through social media. Less "which is better" nonsense, more let's get it done.

- You don't have to have 90 gazillion followers/fans. You want an active audience, whether it be 500 or 2000.

So many firmly believe that you have to have a large following in order to reap some sort of results. This by far is the biggest line of BS ever conceived in the world of social media. What you want is an active audience, no matter how closely knit or how large. Yes, let's not lie to ourselves: Having a massive audience is the bomb-diggity and we all would love to have one, however, it's not necessary to make money and grow your business/brand, period.

What you should be working on is increasing the conversation happening around your content, around your business, and being social with the audience you do have. Of course keep building up your audience but work hard on getting that audience to be more active and over time things will grow when done on a consistent basis.

- People love personality. If you're a bland, boring business, people will NOT listen and run away.

I don't wanna follow Super Business Group on Twitter or "like" their Facebook page. I want to follow someone, whether it be an individual or business, who has a good personality and is not boring me to death. Chances are, you do too and that's why you see some businesses out there finally getting that and adding a personal voice and personality to their social media profiles.

Don't go overboard...simply weave in something more personable from time to time, rather than always posting links to this and that cool blog post, or a link to your own product or service. People will relate and will also develop more of a connection to you and what it is you do.

- If you wanna make money with social media but don't know how much you wanna make, that's a problem.

This is a super huge mistake that a lot of people make. Most times when I'll ask someone, "what are your income goals for social media/what would you like to achieve?", they say "as much as I or we can". Wrong. If you have no goal or idea of what you want to accomplish, it will be harder to achieve. You see, when the mind knows what it wants, it has better chance of getting what it wants. When you have an achievable number in place, you can now break things down and figure out EXACTLY how to get to it.

Make sense?

- Clear and precise goals followed by actionable strategy, will get you where you wanna go.

This is a no brainer and something I don't need to spend a ton of time on. Goals, followed by actionable strategy, followed by consistent implementation, equals success. The clearer you are, the better you will be in the long run. Otherwise, it's like a chicken running around with it's head cut off. Not only is it a nasty sight, but it drops dead sooner or later.

"Have any tips to add?" We would love to hear them!

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