5 Reasons Google+ Will Kill Every Social Network Ever

Google+Update: Due to some people taking this post literally, I've had to add this note here to say that this post is satire. With that said, enjoy!

Google+ has been a hot topic in the social media space lately. Since late June, the site has, according to outside statistics, grown to over 30 Million users.

How many are active, that’s another story, but things seem to be pretty active on my end with circling around 500 people.

Its with no surprise that Google Plus will kill every social network that ever has existed. Marky Mark doesn’t stand a chance with Facebook and the Biz at Twitter doesn’t either.

Google has worked far too hard at taking over the World and with the recent purchase of Motorola Mobility, will be streaming our Google+ notifications directly into our minds through their Google TV integrated Motorola cable boxes.

Reason Number One: Circles. No longer do you have to feel bad about not adding someone back. Add them to a circle in a number of different of categories:

Photographers with a profile picture holding their camera, people who post too many animated gifs, people who use Google+ like it’s Foursquare, people who complain about Google+ on Google+, and Robert Scoble.

Reason Number Two: Better sharing. With other social networks, you could only share content with everyone or only friends. Now, you can easily share with specific people and they'll get a notification. Everyone wants to know about your latest blog post. They’re also very interested in everything else you have to say, even if you’ve never connected with them.

Reason Number Three: Hangouts. Before if you wanted to do a group video chat, you’d have to use a site like TinyChat. Now, video chat is built-in to Google+. Start a hangout and invite publicly or just your circles. If you’re female, inviting publicly is your best option. It brings in your biggest and not creepy guy fans.

With a max group of 10 people in a hangout, the possibilities of what to talk about and discuss are endless. However, with that being said, you’ll probably end up talking about Google+.

Reason Number Four: Your favorite social media and tech people are using it. Everyone knows that if top tech and social media types start using a social network and using it actively, it will be a big hit. From my current calculations, Google Plus is worth $3.8 Billion.

Reason Number Five: It will be the best thing for businesses since business was invented. Search improvements for those with a business page, a unique platform to connect with customers and potential customers. The real question businesses should ask themselves is who doesn't want access to 4% of Facebook's audience?