4 Reasons Your Mom Is Worse Than Foursquare

Foursquare is a weird relationship for many. You don't care if Bob checked into the local strip joint, and proceeds to check into a Motel 6 shortly after, yet you'll go right ahead and check into wherever you're at. We're in a society that loves to brag and let others know what we're doing, and Foursquare feeds the addiction like a Whole Foods to hippies.

With that said though, your Mom is worse. Way worse. She's not something on your mobile phone that you can just get rid of. She'll even bother you in the afterlife if you give her good reason, which is everything you ever did until you moved out on your own.

Reason #1: She calls you too much and you proceed to remind her you're not 5 anymore.

Like quite a few people checking into every place they come in contact with, your Mom will annoy you with phone calls, emails, whatever she can, to check and see how you are. You have a job, food, shelter, a vehicle, a life, but oh no, you might need something, something that she can magically help you with.

If you wanted advice, you'd watch Oprah. If you wanted money, you'd talk to the bank or your better off friend who's really a jerk but you hang out with him anyways because he's got something you don't.

Reason #2: She just won the "Awesome Picker" medal in Farmville. You daydream about shooting the creators.

For anyone who's ever made the mistake of adding your Mom or family member for that matter, as a friend on Facebook, you likely regret that decision at some point in your online endeavors. Sure, Foursquare badges might be interesting and a "Godfather" badge might boost your reputation, but not your ability to get a date or for anyone to really give a crap.

You may have done something cool online Mom, yet I'm still going to ignore all your wall posts instead of befriending you and blaming it on the "internets". I do have morals you know...

Reason #3: She calls you at the worst times. You're at work and super busy. No one ever died of murder by a posture pedic rolling chair.

People check in at some pretty bad places. For example, their home. What this does is scream "You have my address so now please come by and do something illegal". Your teacup Chihuahua isn't going to protect you from Antoine and Bubba who steal your $20,000 Mac, and get out before the cops respond 10 minutes later.

Your Mom says she has your best interests at heart, but bothering you at bad times seems like what she's best at. If your phone wasn't so important, you'd throw it into a pit of frustration and annoyance.

Reason #4: "Hey Hun. I'm just calling to let you know that underwear is on sale at Walmart."

Now, I'm not gonna lie one bit: If X place is giving away X if I check into X place on Foursquare, I'm doing it in a heartbeat. Who doesn't like free stuff and a good deal? Well, when it's not your Mom telling you about it. Some things you can just manage on your own. Thanks for the heads up, but do you really have to leave it on my answering machine so my friends that are over, laugh their asses off?

"Do you Foursquare? What do you like, what do you dislike?"

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