4 Elements To An Attractive Google Plus Profile

When you think of attractive, you may think about that hot blonde in the red dress or that confident guy. When it comes to Google Plus, we're talking about neither of those, attractive meaning "people want to follow and connect with you" in this case. It's been made very clear that the latest social network isn't going anywhere.

While your time may be taken up by other platforms, it doesn't hurt to get involved and spend some time over in Google waters. When it comes to a solid profile, there's several factors to take into consideration...

Profile Picture + Banner

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Just like with a Facebook account, the first thing that people see is your profile photo and the cover photo. Google Plus gives you the option of having up to 4 photos where a banner can go, or an image that is 940x180. Just like with Facebook, you have the opportunity to create a custom image that better defines who you are.

Some people may use this section to advertise their product or service. Don't. By advertising in your images, it makes it pretty clear to people that you're more interested in a sale than a relationship. Put something creative, a mix of images that represent who you are and what you're about, etc.

Your Content

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We could take a while touching on this part, but the same with other social networks holds true here: Share great content. Simple as that. If you talk about or share your own stuff all the time, people will immediately see that and tune you out. One big mistake that people make is only posting to Circles.

While the Circles concept is great, try and post as much content as you can publicly. Why? If you mostly post to Circles, when people who don't have you circled land on your profile, it looks like you're rather inconsistent and inactive. If you are, it is what it is, but if you are fairly active on Google Plus, you might wanna change up who you share content with.

About Section

google plus tips

What's great with the about section here versus Facebook or Twitter is that you can use rich text, including linking text. This gives you a ton of customization and there are 3 things that you want to cover and as short and sweet as possible: Who are you? What do you do? What are your interests/passions?

Try not to ramble on as people already have short attention spans thanks to social media in general. The reason to include your interests and passions is quite simple. Google Plus, simply put by Guy Kawasaki, is for your interests and passions and by letting people know what yours are, it will better help them in knowing what circle/circles to put you in.

Don't Be A Regurgitator

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If people want a news reporter, they'll follow them. Don't simply regurgitate whatever is being said about whatever content it is that you share. Be you and let your personality shine. People want to follow and are attracted to personalities. Even if you're a bit zany or a bit weird (I plead the fifth), don't be afraid to be who you really are. Unless you're a complete jerkbag. Then you might want to rethink your approach.

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