4 Realities Of Content You Must Learn To Accept

I'm no psychic. Until you put your content out there into the world, you really don't know how it's going to be received. Over the years, four things have stuck out that, to do well and to get better, one must accept.

The Flop

"Holy crap", you say to yourself. You're finished writing something that you believe is going to knock people's socks off. You're convinced it's the best thing you've written lately.

Instead of cheers and praise, rainbows and pots of gold, you get...crickets. It's a jab in the liver, a punch in the face. The sound of nothing sends you into a spiral of sadness and frustration.

"How could this be?" After all, it seemed like a knock out of the park. While the punch sends a severe blow to the ego, eliciting thoughts of giving up, it's an important time.

For you always have more to learn and more room to grow.

The Flack

Being controversial for the sake of being controversial is a losing strategy. Well, unless you're a politician, musician, or news pundit. With that said, it's good to share your own unique take on things. It's good to share and stand up for what you believe is right.

Of course, by doing so, you must get comfortable with everyone not standing alongside you. And that's okay.

The Fear

Ahh, the neverending tweaks. The pursuit of perfection. Here's a novel idea: Hit publish. You're always going to find something that you want to change. The best always do. However, they also know when it's time to move on to the next thing.

The Frequency

When I work with people, I will sometimes bring up the fact that, ultimately, content is just another word for communication. It's how you interact with the people that matter to your life and your business. The most prolific are great communicators and they are consistent at it.

You don't have to share something day in and day out, but you have to be frequent. People are always seeking out the best content, and if you're not the one sharing it, they will get it from somebody else.

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