4 Mistakes Almost Every Business Is Making With Facebook

Facebook pages

We've pretty much gotten past the stage where it's easy for businesses to ignore Facebook and having their own page. With the insane growth (900 Million+ active users) and new design changes, the social network is constantly shining in the spotlight. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses are making some pretty big mistakes and is costing them fans and interaction.

Constantly Asking For Likes And Shares

You've seen it and may even have some pages liked that do it. They post a photo or simply some text and say to "Like" it. The reasoning for this is pretty straightforward: Because of the EdgeRank algorithm with the news feed, if people don't engage with your posts (liking, commenting, sharing) on a consistent basis, they will see less and less of your posts.

Despite that, constantly begging for likes promotes lower quality, not high quality content. It is like-whoring at best. Great content wins, period, and thanks to Timeline, it's much easier to tell a story instead of resorting to what 98% of all the other Facebook pages do.

Posting Through Third Party Tools

From first glance, this may not seem like a big deal. It's saving you time and you can still get your message across. Wrong.

Research has been shown that using third party tools to post to a Facebook page drastically decreases the amount of people that actually see your posts, 88% fewer comments and likes to be exact. Why? Again, comes back to EdgeRank and how they rank third party tools.

This is especially cringe worthy when you see brands with Millions of fans, yet still use a tool such as Hootsuite to post to their page. Think about it. If they stopped using a third party tool to post, they could increase the amount of fans that see their content by Millions each month. Now that is a case of a very exponential increase thanks to a simple little change.

Sharing A Link And That's It

We've all done it. You publish your latest post, video, whatever it may be, and when it comes time to share on Facebook, you copy and paste the link, let it populate, and post. Pretty simple. The reality though is we can all do much better than that.

Be creative. You've got 63,206 characters so use it to ask an engaging question or add some teaser content (though I don't recommend using the full 63,206).

According to Sprout Social, only 17% of fans actually see your posts and if we take into account that less than 1 percent interact with your posts, you've got to put in more effort if you want more people to engage with you!

Not Responding To Fans

Some may look at Twitter as more of a customer service platform, but Facebook can be valuable in that instance as well. There's a slew of pages where, they get people asking questions or leaving a compliment, yet it goes unresponded to.

We live in a World where we can communicate in real-time or almost real-time, and further build trusting and lasting relationships with a keyboard and click of a button.

By not responding where you can, you're potentially leaving a lot of business on the table. If you're fortunate enough to be in the position where you simply can't keep up with the conversation on your page, maybe it's time to hire someone.

"What other mistakes would you add to this?"