3 Ways Google Plus Brings A Refreshing Change To Social Media Marketing

Google PlusAt more than 90 Million users, 60% of which who are active on a daily basis, and nearly 7 months in existence, Google Plus is nothing to turn a blind eye to. Brands such as Pepsi, Ford, Mashable, Disney, The New York Times, and others, have jumped into using the platform.

Having personally used Google+ since June 29th, it quickly became a very valuable resource and something that was very much worth the time investment.

With Facebook and Twitter so clearly dominating the market for a good period of time, the introduction of a finally viable social network from Google, was a refreshing change.

With the new version of social search, Google Plus can no longer be ignored. So, what is so great about it? How can it further aide marketers looking to build their brand or business?


Group video chat, 10 people, for free? Pretty amazing. While most of the hangout usage is for more personal than business means, the opportunity for brands to use hangouts is phenomenal.

Dell has already shown what’s possible with them using hangouts to help answer customer questions. The Black Eyed Peas, a hip-hop/pop group, did a hangout from a concert so people from all over the World could join and watch while they performed for thousands.

What hangouts bring to the table is much more than group video chat, something that’s been around for many years. They bring an exciting and powerful way to connect deeper and create more powerful experiences. Having group discussions around a specific topic, recording that conversation and uploading it to Youtube, is one quick example.

We’ll see more brands use it for customer service while with the Hangout On Air functionality, the ability for anyone to watch a hangout live, we’ll see discussions that both inform and/or bring value around certain topics. Again, the opportunity is there.

Bold, Italics

While this may not sound like that big of a change, it really is. Millions of bloggers such as you and I are familiar with enhancing content. For those who aren’t familiar with this on Google Plus, to use bold you simply surround the word or words with the * symbol. To italicize, you surround the word or words with _.

The benefit of being able to bold or italicize content on Google+ is that it brings more attention to your content which translates to more +1’s, comments, and reshares. There’s of course room to overdo these enhancements, but using bold and italics where necessary, are a refreshing change from standard text.


From a marketing standpoint, you want to know how well you’re performing and from a social media standpoint, you want to know who and how many people are sharing your content on any given basis.

So, “What are Ripples?” Ripples on Google Plus are an interactive graph of all the people who’ve shared a post and is built into every public post. Each person is represented as a circle (no surprise there) and you can easily see who your most influential sharers, are.

This is great because when you keep track over time of who your most influential sharers are, you can make an effort to consistently interact with them and further build a relationship. Similar to a coffee shop taking extra special care of Bob who stops in everyday, you can take extra special care of the relationship you have with your most influential people.

“If you’re using Google+, how are you using it?”

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