3 Tips To Creating Attention Grabbing Video

Insomnia has struck again. Late last night around 2:15AM, my good friend Jordan Cooper and I were chatting about some ways of doing video better. Well, he was doing most of the talking.

This is a transcript of our conversation in Skype where he shared 3 really good tips to creating attention grabbing, viewer producing video.

The Transcript

Jordan Cooper: I watched your latest video... you want a small suggestion for your videos in general?

hmmm... guess not :P

Me: Sorry dude

Sure man. Again, that video was shot in a grocery store. I'm a little nervous and "off" when it comes to video in public places

Jordan Cooper: I know... but I watched a bunch of yours and see the same issues

Me: Exactly, that's why I'd like to hear it

Jordan Cooper: three concepts you need to know about video/podcasts all of which I learned by making the same mistakes pretty much

1. Many people may watch your video on YouTube or listen to your podcast on iTunes.

This means they're NOT at your website and many not even know it exists

Solution: Make sure you say who you are and your site address immediately “Hey, Mike Stenger here from mikestenger.com”

Me: Cool, got it

Jordan Cooper: 2. Many people will watch your video weeks or months from now meaning that terms like "yesterday" or current events that don't pertain to the topic of the video are pointless at that time

although you don't have to completely cut stuff like that out... try to make your videos as "timeless" as possible

Me: Got it

Jordan Cooper: 3. You've got 15 seconds (or even less) to grab them in or you're done

Me: YES, I've learned that after following Andy Jenkin's pre-launch videos for a new course of his

Jordan Cooper: whatever your topic is about or why someone clicked on your link, give it to them immediately - or at least say what you *will* be talking about (like an overview)

Me: What I learned in one of the first pre-launch videos for Andy Jenkins (IMer if you don't know him) for his upcoming course were to say these two lines, in regards to grabbing their attention during that key time: "In this video, you're going to learn" OR "In this video, I'm going to be talking about."

Jordan Cooper: bingo

Me: Cool. See, to me it seemed a little weird to do that but I guess it's really not

Jordan Cooper: you don't necessarily have to do it exactly that way, but it's the same concept I said

Me: Yeah

Jordan Cooper: Hey, Mike Stenger from mikestenger.com and I really was thinking about (insert topic).

Me: That's a good one. I'm sure I'll tweak it around a little bit and brainstorm

Jordan Cooper: or whatever way you want to do it... the more pleasantries and ancillary stuff about yourself will just bore people quickly

Me: Yeah, I've made that mistake a few times...or more

Jordan Cooper: I'm guilty of doing the same myself, so I hear ya

like the last video, a strong opening sequence would have been - hey, Mike here from MikeStenger.com. Have you ever bumped into someone you knew way back working at a fast food joint? I just did... and that's why I believe karma is for real.

then explain your story and you're done... but you at least started with the compelling reason it relates to the viewer as soon as possible

Me: OMG dude, that is so simple but such a better way to frame it

Jordan Cooper: I learned a lot about this from doing the Football Manager podcasts... the more and more I condensed the beginning of the show, the more feedback, comments & listensership I got

Me: Awesome!

Jordan Cooper: and I do 60 minute average podcast lengths, so it's paramount I grab them in right away

Me: Even though I have clear set of bullet points, basically what I want to talk about, I should be able to easily memorize the opener

Just gotta put more thought into it

Jordan Cooper: yeah, you can mix it up of course... just make sure you say your name, your website and what the main topic is and you'll be fine

Me: Writing that down now...

Here's what I put - Video Opener: Your name, website, and what's the topic?

Jordan Cooper: take a lesson from the news... they don't put fluff stories at the top of the broadcast. Why? because people will turn to another channel... they want to hear about the school shooting or whatever the biggest shit that happened today

Me: Yeah :)

Jordan Cooper: they click on your post title 4 Tips To Grow Successfully (And Effectively) Through Social Media, so what are they expecting to hear?

the 4 f*cking tips

if you drone on for 30 seconds before that, they won't bother to stick around because you're not giving them what they want and were expecting

Me: ha ha right and if I remember correctly, that intro was actually quite boring once I think about it.

Jordan Cooper: brevity works to your advantage in video

something I'm still learning how to control since I'm naturally a f*cking blabbermouth

Me: I wouldn't say I'm as much of a blabbermouth as in I get really damn distracted easily and have like a thousand different things in my head, even when I'm doing the video so you'll hear a lot of "uhhs" and sometimes even see me have to pause and re-think a few seconds to get to the next frickin' point

Jordan Cooper: that's fine though... just make a bulletpoint outline with keywords to structure the jist of what you're going to say

introductory topic sentence, point 1, point 2, point 3, conceptual summary, closing sentence/call to action

no need to write it out word for word, just put a keyword or phrase that sums up each in that structure

Me: Yeah, I used to do that but kind of strayed away from it. Sounds like it's time to get crackin'


What are your thoughts on these awesome tips from Jordan? Any tips, tactics, or video strategies you’d like to add?

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