3 Social Media Tactics That Fuel Response

social media tacticsWith the ever increasing users and posts, it can be hard to weed through the noise.

You want your message to get out there and you want the audience you've put in all this hard work to build, to respond to it in some way.

Whether it's comments, subscriptions, retweets, etc., response is what drives social media results.

-Take a bold/different stance

Instead of following the crowd, follow your inner voice. A lot of businesses and individual using social media tend to be just like, if not exactly like their competition. There's not a problem with being similar, but if you're just like everyone else, fewer will find a reason to respond to you and connect with you.

-Focus on response more than self promotion

We all self promote ourselves and our products/services at some point. While it's okay, focus on generating response more than you do promoting yourself. People want to respond, they really do.

They simply need something that piques interest and is worth responding to according to their wants and needs. Ask open ended questions when building up relationships. Yes/no tends to get far less response.

If you've implemented a social media campaign that focuses on driving people to your email newsletter, focus on some kind of dialogue. Create a conversation and keep that conversation going.

-Know what you want before you try to get what you want

This is something that is often overlooked. A strategy and plan in social media is absolutely crucial to getting the results you want. Know what kind of response you'd like to get before you try to get it. Add it to your strategy and work that strategy. The only people that get serious results are those that put in the time and effort.

"Have any other tactics to add?"