3 Simple Tips To Kick Writer's Block In The Face

Writing can be a bitch sometimes. Like the endlessly spinning rainbow wheel, you hit dead end after dead end. Whenever I hit a low point in whatever I'm writing, there are a few different things I do. They are not perfect, but they work for me.

Write About Something Else

You know the thought process, the spiral that happens. "I can't do this" or "I can't come up with anything." You lose before you even get started. Instead of beating yourself up, write about something else that is interesting to you.

It can be something that you keep private, like in a notebook or Google Doc, or it can be a new Facebook post. Just the act of writing about something else gets you into that flow state, and can be the inspiration to actually writing about the thing you need to write about.


Yeah, I get it. You work in an office around other people. Or, you think meditation is weird and "not for you". If you're the former, jump to the next writing hack. If you're the latter, stop being a baby.

I can link to studies and research all day on the huge benefits of meditation, but it's as simple as this: Writer's block is nothing more than falling out of the ideal state.

And meditation helps to calm the mind and put you back into the ideal state where you can create more.

Get Up And Get Out

Sometimes the best solution is turning everything off and getting outside. I shoot for 60-90 minutes of physical activity a day, and that can include just simple walking. However, I find that more demanding exercise (running, cardio, weightlifting, etc.) helps to build that more creative muscle.

Plain and simple, our bodies are not designed to sit at a desk all day. I understand you have deadlines and need to get shit done, but if you're not taking even just 10 minutes to get some fresh air, you'll end up in the exact same place over and over again.

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