3 Big Reasons You'll Love a Self-Driving Car

Like Netflix chipping away at Blockbuster’s market share, self-driving cars are inevitable. Google has been a driving force in the industry, and in August, Nissan said it plans on having its own self-driving cars on the market by 2020. Of course, with government regulation likely to stall progress, that’s much easier said than done.

To most Americans, the idea of a self-driving car conjures up images of Skynet, and our eco-friendly buds taking us on a first class trip to hell by way of a cliff. But in reality, it’s far more likely for Apple Maps to guide your car through a densely wooded forest than a next-gen Prius to go all I, Robot.

The thing is though, our gas-consuming death traps of today give us a sense of freedom. We control where it goes, whether it’s to spend $175 on four products from Whole Foods, or sit for 18 hours in LA traffic. I mean, technically you still control a self-driving car, it’s just that the person driving it is a computer that is far less likely to text while driving, and endanger everyone on the road.

Cars Will Travel The Actual Speed Limit

Think of how many times you’ve been stuck behind someone older than the brand of car they’re driving, or someone on the highway who has yet to discover cruise control. Sure, you won’t be able to speed like Dale Earnhardt Jr., but because cars on the road are traveling at a more uniform speed, you’ll get from A to B much faster.

Your Car Will Park Itself

Yes, there are cars that can parallel park themselves, but can you leave them by themselves to drive circles in an 18-story car park while you sign-in to your appointment? Didn’t think so. Even better, you’ll be able to shoot a simple text to your car saying “Pick me up,” and it’ll be right there by the elevator in a few minutes.

More Time To Work. Maybe.

Imagine instead of driving hours upon hours each week depending on your commute, you could just fire up your laptop, and start plugging away. Answer emails, finish up that project you’ve been slacking on, or catch up on Honey Boo Hoo, a Netflix Original series about Honey Boo Boo as an adult struggling to make ends meet, and take care of her six kids.

What would you do if you had a self-driving car?