3 Crucial Pieces To A Kick Ass Social Media Strategy

social media strategyWe've touched briefly on social media strategy before and the reality is, without a strategy, it can be VERY hard to get positive results. The strategy gives you focus (should at least) and something to keep you moving forward.

In my social media training, we go over and help put together a custom strategy as well as plan, and I felt we should go over some of the missing pieces that tend to make a strategy go down the drain. If you don't have a strategy, that's okay too.

Here's a few things to keep in mind when reworking or creating a social media strategy:

Know What You Want

Most people and business think they know what they want, but they really don't. See, the problem here is that your brain doesn't like to do a lot of work. Science has shown this and when one thinks they've found the answer to what they want, it's typically the brain saying, "Here. See if this sounds about right."

You've got to dig deeper and really get specific with what you want. The surface answers will not do justice. It's the answers that are picked and rooted for that are the true answers, the ones that you're looking for.

Until you can find those answers, your strategy can't be correctly optimized for what you're wanting to do because what you're wanting to do, isn't entirely accurate. Well, at least you don't know yet until you might have read this.

Be Realistic With What You Want

One of the biggest mistakes when putting together a social media strategy is unrealistic goals. First of all, social media is long term, not short term. There's so many people and businesses that want results almost right away and it's that "get results fast" mentality that kills efforts.

Understand that long term strategy is what wins. Short term is what loses. Social media isn't some AdWords campaign you just start up and throw some traffic at. Secondly, the numbers one is wanting to achieve is unrealistic. I'm not saying to sell yourself short, but you've really got to use logic here.

Expecting a hundred thousand fans in very short period of time or a million followers in say 6 months, is a bit pushing it, unless of course you're already widely recognized and have a considerable sized customer base. At the end of the day, it comes down to the quality of those that are connected with you.

1,000 high quality connections beats out 10,000 low quality connections any day of the week.

Have a good goal as to what numbers you may want to achieve, if that is even a big priority which in some aspects it should be. I mean, no one wants just a couple hundred connections if you're seriously wanting to build a business or brand.

Have The Resources To Get What You Want Done

It's easy to underestimate the time and resources that go into social media. There's often the thought of it being free which it is absolutely not. If you are one to do it yourself, more power to you. Realize however that time and hard work is going to be the cost.

As a small business or larger brand, you might want to think about hiring someone to do it for you. One mistake is businesses jumping into Twitter, Facebook, etc., but then falling off shortly thereafter. They again, underestimate the time and resources.

Work out your goals and really figure out what resources you're going to need and if hiring someone, what budget can you put forward to get it done. Without the right resources to accomplish great results in social media, is like changing the oil in your car, but not fixing the radiator leak.

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