2015 & Why You Need To Say F*ck It More

What a year. There's a good chance you might already be familiar with my story, but if not, here's the cliff notes: Went to San Diego on vacation December 3rd. Came back, and was moved into a place on January 12th. Perceived as batshit crazy.

And to be fair, crazy I was. Batshit? Not so much.

I didn't have kids, move here with no money, for "the one," or to become a monk at the Hare Krishna temple. The why was simple: I felt compelled. I listened to my gut, and things seemed to just fall right into place.

Was it God's will, destiny, or the Universe manifesting reality? I don't know. What I do know is when you want something bad enough, you'll make things happen in order to get it.

2015 has been the greatest, most fulfilling year of my life. Financially, it was a complete disaster.

Through part of April living in San Diego, I went off the deep end. Here I was in this new amusement park, a world of exponentially more fun and entertainment than anything I'd ever experienced back in Ohio.

And I took part in the rides till they soared off the fucking rails.

I was drinking all the time. I was partying all the time. And I was getting barely, if any work done. It all eventually caught up to me when I realized my savings were dried up. To make matters worse, this girl I was seeing at the time broke things off.

It was a very introspective time. I knew I messed up. I stopped talking to all of those friends. I stopped partying. I stopped drinking. Fortunately, things got better after hitting some very dark lows.

The financial effects still linger, offering up a reminder that things wouldn't have been as bad had I not done this or that.

However, I have no regrets. I got "it" out of my system, and had a lot of fun doing it. Since then, I've been focused on my work, and building a future over what's satisfying in the present moment.

I realize I made many mistakes, not afraid to take 100% responsibility for them, but I also learned many great lessons. Some lessons just cost more than others. Most importantly, I proved to myself that it's possible to move 2,000+ miles away from home and survive.

It was nerve-racking. It was terrifying. However, I felt that if I didn't make the move, I'd regret it. And man would I have.

No one has a crystal ball and knows how something will turn out, but I promise you will hate yourself if you don't at least try. Go. Find. Out.

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